Meet the Team

Kenneth Flood – Hello , my name is Kenneth Flood and I am the founder of  I’ve been a paranormal investigator since 2012 when Myself and Melvin Young developed  I feel like we have helped a lot of confused people deal with and understand what may be happening in there homes or in there business. In 6 years I have developed a set of feelings and experiences that help clients that put there trust in me and my team now at I hope to keep giving clients some peace and understanding in these times when things don’t make a lot of sense in there lives.

Kerri – Born and raised in Clarksville, IN, Kerri has investigated many mysterious places with spooky histories including infamous Waverly Hills. Combining her unique abilities as a spiritual/intuitive medium (clairsentient, clairalient and clairaudient) with her fascination of the supernatural, Kerri seeks to learn, understand and find answers to the unknown. A paranormal hobbyist for close to a decade her curiosity drives her to seek what remains hidden.

Mike Culwell – 72 years old. Retired police officer with 36 years service and last 17 as Chief of Detectives. Former Polygraph Examiner, Hypnotist, Scuba Diver, Shift Captain, Public Information Officer and Deputy Chief of Police. Paranormal Investigator since 2008. Chief Investigator for Paraholics.

David Pike is what you may call our “Doubting Thomas” of our investigating team.  He believes 95% of our findings can be easy explained thru Science and Deductive Reasoning. It’s the other 5%, the unexplainable, that has made David part of our paranormal team. David likes  to research our paranormal findings and find that they may not be paranormal at all. When not doing investigations with our team, David enjoys making homemade wines and beers.


Bert Becker – When I first started investigating I was 50/50 on believing. Given my beliefs and years as a science teacher I was skeptical. But know I am sure that the paranormal is out there and can be interacted with. I have experienced things I cannot explain. My favorite experience was when I heard footsteps coming up the steps at a house we were at. I waited nobody came into the room I was at and when I walked out and down the steps still nobody. Everyone was in the basement. I even caught it on my recorder!  I have been touched, I have smelled odd smells, have seen photographic proof and have heard many EVPS. I am excited to share my experiences with others.