Perryville, Kentucky on a warm summer night , myself and my team were doing an overnight investigation of Kentucky’s biggest and worst battle to ever take place on Kentucky soil.  

We had access to the Dye House and the complete 1000 acre state park. 

We were having a pretty slow night as far as hits on our equipment that helps us identify potential activity or energy. We had been there for several hours and it was approaching 1am and we were considering heading home back to Louisville Ky. 

We had spent a majority of the night at the Dye House which is where the tGhost Adventures crew had captured a lot of evidence just a week or so before us.  

The Dye House was an old farm house that was obtained by the soldiers and used as a field hospital. It was a brutal battle and with lack of proper medical supplies amputation was very common in order to save lives. It is told that arms and legs were stacked up to the second story window. The second floor was so slippery from the river of blood running through the cracks in the wooden floor. It was no wonder the house was a haven for paranormal activity.   We caught some activity but not as much as we would have liked 

So , three of us decided to go back to the monument and mass grave site at the Museum and welcome center. Once we parked and gathered our equipment we went two different directions and I went towards the museum to use the restroom and this was either fate or pure luck but it was on a sidewalk beside the museum that I captured the best EVP ever recorded in my opinion. 

I was walking down the sidewalk when my K-2 started to max out with it staying on the last dot or red dot. My Mel-meter was reading some crazy high levels of 15.5 to 20.0 GHz. 

I’d never seen these kinda levels anywhere before nor heard of these type levels from anyone. I stopped and looked for a source to cause these spikes like overhead power lines or my cell phone or any kind of explanation. 

I found no source of energy that would cause what I was experiencing.  I turned on my voice recorder at this point and started talking to the air around me which will make a guy look pretty crazy. 

I recorded until the meters stopped reacting to energy or the spirits of lost soldiers from a brutal brutal battle. My first recording lasted almost 15 min and it was full of sounds that shocked me. I sat there with my heart racing trying to come to terms with what I was hearing. 

The best EVP ever started with me asking questions like Is anyone with me here on the sidewalk ? Can you say your name ? 

I then heard several men screaming in what I believe to be a foreign language and then 4 obvious gun shots and cannons firing back to back in the background. I even heard sounds of horses I thought at one point. The air smelled like gun powder which has been a frequent occurrence for my team at Perryville. 

I called over my two other members to hear what I had caught on my voice recorder. 

We then continued down the sidewalk 

 to a concrete pad where the bathrooms were located and did a few more EVP sessions before we finished up our investigation of Perryville Battlefield 

It took a couple weeks to review all of my audio from that night and I also captured an Indian chanting and several names as well as a couple of desperate HELP S !!!

I am including a few of the EVP’s so I can add legitimacy to my GREATEST EVER EVP !!!!!!

Check out these links to hear for yourself!

Dec 02 08_47

Perryville – 4 Gun shots

Perryville – Men Talking

Perryville EVP – Help

Perryville Indian Chant

Please ask any questions or add a great EVP from an investigation you took part within.  

Thank you 

Kenneth Flood 


Hot Spot Paranormal


There are a list of links at the bottom of the blog to hear them. Under the Evidence Tab on the main page you can find some videos from our YouTube. Thanks for your support!

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