The Sellersburg House

The Sellersburg House

One of my favorite places I’ve ever investigated

By Kenneth Flood


   I have a fascinating story in my opinion from a paranormal investigation in Indiana from 2 years ago. I know it’s hard to put belief into a story and especially a story like what I’m going to tell you.

     My team called NAFCPS or New Albany Floyd County Paranormal Society was investigating a large home that was vacant and was for sale at this time. It had been for sale for several years and it wasn’t getting a lot of interest but not for reasons as to why my team was there in this house. I knew the person that grew up in this house and she thought it was haunted but she didn’t have a lot of stories to say it was haunted for sure.

    She told me of some of her life growing up in her family which was 3 girls and 1 boy and there parents. She also told me she was not really comfortable inside the house and then she told me what had happened within these walls to her brother and sister. Her sister at age 19 took her life by putting a pool hose in the tailpipe and running the other end inside through the side window and she let the car run until she stopped breathing. It’s so horrible to even think about much less  live through it and the pain. Well the family was devastated by her death and of course had so many questions. Her brother took it really hard and the pain was just to much to bare and so months later he took his life as well in the basement and the family had to deal with it all over again. The traumatic events that took place there is one theory of Ghost investigations that it releases that energy into the home and traps there spirits inside where they lived.

Well , I won’t use there names but I would try to contact them and after a while I started to get reactions from my equipment. I’d say her name and things would happen and eventually I started to get voices on my recorder. In my opinion EVP’s are the hardest to debunk and unexplainable. We took pictures and caught the outline of a woman standing in front is looking directly at us. It was later verified to look like the sister who had died in this house. It was a little crazy and exciting all at the same time.

The last night we went to this home we took some friends with us who claimed to be skeptical of the paranormal and claimed we was all crazy and he may have been correct.

We were sitting on some steps in living room and I was working on my computer while 3 others kinda was looking around waiting on me.

Suddenly a noise from above made my friend jump and then looking up he saw some lights streak across the high wall and later we discovered that the lights also appeared beside me on the wall. We knew something had just happened but we didn’t have a clue we would have caught on camera what we caught.

I did not say anything in this story about our XmartO WiFi camera system that we use and I didn’t say that the room we were in was pitch black and no lights are possible in this room from the road or driveway so ruling all that out it was incredible what had happened.

I marked the time and continued investigations of the home. I got home that morning about 330/400 am and week to bed.

I reviewed the video the next day and I put it in slow motion and we caught four unexplained light streaks shoot across the wall then appeared next to me then immediately up the stairs a apparition appeared for just long enough to see it’s an outline of a person. The apparition was there and then shot up into the ceiling and making a pop sound as it happened. There is no doubt in my mind with all the evidence from the past and a few other things that went on this night. A month goes by now and I’m watching it all over again and I run longer this time and I caught a rocket type shape blast object come out of the bedroom and straight through the middle of us all.

We had so much interaction in this home it has to be one of my top paranormal locations to this point.


Kenneth Flood


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